Aslan Steel is an approachable, friendly and highly professional personal trainer with nearly 7 years experience. Having been qualified by the top training body in the UK (Premiere International) and accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals, he conveys a very high standard of work and is always looking to further his knowledge.

Aslan helps his clients achieve a variety of goals including weight loss and improving fitness but also specialises in injury rehab along with biomechanics. He combines academic experience with practical gym based experience to provide the ultimate training package and to get the very best out of his clients.

Recently Aslan came 8th in the UK Street Workout championships and is currently training for further upcoming competitions with the goal to qualify for the World Championships in 2015. From this he has become extremely skilled in delivering calisthenics and body weight training sessions and can provide very effective workouts with little or no equipment.
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Jordan has been working in the fitness industry for over 5 years now from gyms to studios/ freelancing and is also currently working for one of the biggest bootcamp organisations around.

Jordan represented the south east of England basketball team in france when he was 15 and played regularly for The Brighton Cougars and Sussex County.

He enjoys teaching and training combat sports, kickboxing and the ferocious martial art of mauy thai, having even travelled to Thailand last year to train. He has been kickboxing since 2008 and has competed on the amateur circuit. Utilising his experience he incorporates pad work, martial/combat conditioning and TRX training in his sessions.

Currently Jordan participates in a lot of calisthenics training to help keep himself fit with the street workout crew Ministry of Bodyweight and hopes to compete soon in London.
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